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25-Mar-2020   COVID-19 Update for Vehicle Examinations

COVID-19 TBA Services Pty Ltd effective from Wednesday 25 March will institute changes ..

TasBus Services:

Don't forget you need to review the Entry Policy and drivers must bring a signed copy with them to the inspection. You can review the policy here : 

Vehicle Inspections Vehicle Inspections (856 KB) - 26-Mar-2020

TBA Services offers a discount of 10% to all non-members who elect to pay the inspection fee before leaving the facility. To assist with payment TBA Services accept Cash/Cheque or EFTPOS 


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If you are booking for a NEW VEHICLE please make sure you book 2 consecutive time slots

HBA Glenorchy 08.30,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:33 PM,1

HBA Glenorchy 09.00,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:34 PM,2

HBA Glenorchy 10.00,12-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:34 PM,3

HBA Glenorchy 10.30,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:34 PM,4

HBA Glenorchy 11.30,12-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:34 PM,5

HBA Glenorchy 12.00,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:35 PM,6

HBA Glenorchy 13.00,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:35 PM,7

HBA Glenorchy 13.30,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:35 PM,8

HBA Glenorchy 14.30,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:35 PM,9

HBA Glenorchy 15.00,12-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:35 PM,10

Sorell 08.30,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:21 AM,11

Sorell 09.00,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:22 AM,12

Sorell 10.00,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:23 AM,13

Sorell 10.30,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:23 AM,14

Sorell 11.30,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:24 AM,15

Sorell 12.00,18-Aug-2020,1,0%,06-Aug-2020 11:24 AM,16

Sorell 13.00,18-Aug-2020,1,0%,06-Aug-2020 11:24 AM,17

Sorell 13.30,18-Aug-2020,1,100%,06-Aug-2020 11:24 AM,18

Sorell 14.30,18-Aug-2020,1,0%,06-Aug-2020 11:25 AM,19

Sorell 15.00,18-Aug-2020,1,0%,06-Aug-2020 11:25 AM,20

HBA Glenorchy 08.30,19-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:36 PM,21

HBA Glenorchy 09.00,19-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:36 PM,22

HBA Glenorchy 10.00,19-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:36 PM,23

HBA Glenorchy 10.30,19-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:36 PM,24

HBA Glenorchy 11.30,19-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:36 PM,25

HBA Glenorchy 12.00,19-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:37 PM,26

HBA Glenorchy 13.00,19-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:37 PM,27

HBA Glenorchy 13.30,19-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:37 PM,28

HBA Glenorchy 14.30,19-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:37 PM,29

HBA Glenorchy 15.00,19-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:38 PM,30

HBA Derwent Park 08.30,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:24 PM,31

HBA Derwent Park 09.00,21-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:25 PM,32

HBA Derwent Park 10.00,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:25 PM,33

HBA Derwent Park 10.30,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:25 PM,34

HBA Derwent Park 11.30,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:25 PM,35

HBA Derwent Park 12.00,21-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:26 PM,36

HBA Derwent Park 13.00,21-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:26 PM,37

HBA Derwent Park 13.30,21-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:26 PM,38

HBA Derwent Park 14.30,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:26 PM,39

HBA Derwent Park 15.00,21-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:26 PM,40

HBA Derwent Park 08.30,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:27 PM,41

HBA Derwent Park 09.00,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:27 PM,42

HBA Derwent Park 10.00,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:27 PM,43

HBA Derwent Park 10.30,24-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:28 PM,44

HBA Derwent Park 11.30,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:28 PM,45

HBA Derwent Park 12.00,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:28 PM,46

HBA Derwent Park 13.00,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:28 PM,47

HBA Derwent Park 13.30,24-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:28 PM,48

HBA Derwent Park 14.30,24-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:29 PM,49

HBA Derwent Park 15.00,24-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:29 PM,50

HBA Glenorchy 08.30,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:38 PM,51

HBA Glenorchy 09.00,26-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:40 PM,52

HBA Glenorchy 10.00,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:40 PM,53

HBA Glenorchy 10.30,26-Aug-2020,1,100%,25-Jun-2020 05:40 PM,54

HBA Glenorchy 11.30,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:40 PM,55

HBA Glenorchy 12.00,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:41 PM,56

HBA Glenorchy 13.00,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:41 PM,57

HBA Glenorchy 13.30,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:44 PM,58

HBA Glenorchy 14.30,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:44 PM,59

HBA Glenorchy 15.00,26-Aug-2020,1,0%,25-Jun-2020 05:44 PM,60

HBA Derwent Park Template,23-Sep-2020,1,0%,09-May-2019 05:34 PM,61

HBA Glenorchy Template,23-Sep-2020,1,0%,09-Oct-2019 04:04 PM,62

New Norfolk TEMPLATE,23-Sep-2020,1,0%,11-Aug-2017 06:18 AM,63

25-Mar-2020   COVID-19 Update for Vehicle Examinations

COVID-19 TBA Services Pty Ltd effective from Wednesday 25 March will institute changes ..

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25-Mar-2020   COVID-19 Update for Vehicle Examinations

COVID-19 TBA Services Pty Ltd effective from Wednesday 25 March will institute changes ..

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